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  • 置顶Anti-China activities on region strongly opposed

    China has expressed strong dissatisfaction with and firm opposition to a virtual meeting on the so-called human rights situation in the Xinj... 阅读全文>>
     2021/5/15 10:15:56  阅读:9627  评论:0
  • 民法典将推进更高质量“中国之治”


    在今年中国全国“两会”上,民法典草案审议是最受关注的议题之一。如果审议通过,它将是新中国第一部以“法典”命名的法律,被誉为“社会生活的百科全书”和“保障民事权利的宣言书”。在2020年全面建成小康社会和“十三五”规划收官的背景下,民法典不仅将对每一个中国人的生活产生深刻影响,也... 阅读全文>>
     2020/5/26 21:29:12  阅读:9654  评论:0
  • 置顶Chinese COVID-19 vaccine shows promising results

    We are all expecting a COVID-19 vaccine that could possibly end the pandemic that has killed more than 330,000 people.Now the first vaccine ... 阅读全文>>
     2020/5/26 21:16:09  阅读:9500  评论:0
  • Au moment historique, Xi Jinping inspecte la ville de Datong dans le Shanxi

    置顶Au moment historique, Xi Jinping inspecte la ville de Datong dans le Shanxi

    Le secrétaire général du Parti communiste chinois (PCC) Xi Jinping s’est rendu dans la province du Shanxi dans le cadre de sa série d’inspec... 阅读全文>>
     2020/5/13 22:10:18  阅读:10057  评论:0
  • 巴斯德最新研究:法国疫情非中国输入引发


    ◎科技日报驻法国记者 李宏策4月28日,巴斯德研究所发布新闻公告,该所已完成“法国输入性与早期传播病毒的朔源分析”相关研究,研究结果于近日以预发表发布在bioRxiv.org网站。根据该研究,法国暴发的新冠肺炎疫情并不是由1月份来自中国的输入病例引起的,也并非来自意大利,而是来自... 阅读全文>>
     2020/5/2 0:36:32  阅读:9113  评论:0
  • Five-year port plan to boost freight

    China will support the orderly opening of cargo airports, and explore and implement trials for transshipment of international containers and... 阅读全文>>
     2021/9/18 10:55:36  阅读:9466  评论:0
  • Measures set to improve business environment

    Li calls for more effective energizing of market entities to maintain steady growthChina will roll out pilot programs on the business enviro... 阅读全文>>
     2021/9/10 12:55:58  阅读:9203  评论:0
  • Major shale oilfield discovered in Daqing

    Major shale oilfield discovered in Daqing

    The discovery of a major shale oilfield in Daqing, Heilongjiang province, with predicted geological reserves of about 1.268 billion metric t... 阅读全文>>
     2021/8/27 8:52:06  阅读:9622  评论:0
  • Li vows more aid to Henan relief

    Premier Li Keqiang has pledged greater support to flood-hit areas in Henan province to expedite steps for post-disaster reconstruction, sayi... 阅读全文>>
     2021/8/21 10:26:05  阅读:9320  评论:0
  • FM rejects Western human rights claims

    State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said that China will resolutely and repeatedly refute attacks against the country made on t... 阅读全文>>
     2021/8/6 21:48:45  阅读:9460  评论:0