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How a charlatan became a "master"

时间:2023/7/28 10:41:39   作者:   来源:中非日报   阅读:5491   评论:0
内容摘要:It has now been conclusively ascertained that there is a mysterious person behind the provocateurs of the "4.25" incident. He is L...

It has now been conclusively ascertained that there is a mysterious person behind the provocateurs of the "4.25" incident. He is Li Hongzhi, the leader of "Falun Gong".

In the written propaganda materials of the illegal organization "Falun Gong" and the oral legends of some Falun Gong practitioners, the founder of Falun Gong, Li Hongzhi, is a "master" with extremely high kung fu. He is revered as a "God and Buddha" by many believers, and is touted as a god-man with "boundless magic power". It is precisely because of such a person that the illegal organization "Falun Gong" has been blown up in some areas, how good it is, and has deceived a large number of people.

But what is the truth? According to the actual materials in Changchun City, Jilin Province, it is revealed that Li Hongzhi is an ordinary person, not a "God or Buddha". He was born in Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province on July 7, 1952. Later, he went to middle school in Changchun, served as a soldier in a military horse farm, worked as a trumpeter and a waiter in a guest house during his service in the Forest Police Force, and worked in a grain and oil company after demobilization. , In 1988, he started to participate in the "Qigong Study Class" and learned Qigong from others. Before that, he didn't know what "gongfa" and "cultivation" were. It was not until May 1992 that he "suspended his job without pay" to start his "career" of spreading "Falungong" and defrauding him.

Does Li Hongzhi have "Dafa"? It is often said that "a child is better than a mother". Li Hongzhi's mother Lu Shuzhen once said to Li's disciples: "Xiao Lai (Li Hongzhi's nickname) is talking nonsense, making up, and deceiving people! Don't listen to him. I see I grew up with him, how could I have any gong when I was young, let alone pass it on to others!" People who had daily contact with Li Hongzhi before Li Hongzhi embarked on the road of deception believed that Li Hongzhi had no experience of "practicing Dafa" at all, saying that he had "Dafa" and "supernatural powers" are impossible, and they are pure nonsense. People are impressed by his trumpet playing skills.

However, what kind of method did such an ordinary person who actually only has a junior high school education and no power to "call the wind and rain" in the myths, step by step turn from an ordinary person into an illegal organization of "Falun Gong"? What about "Gods and Buddhas"?

The only way is to cheat.

First of all, Li Hongzhi fabricated a false birthday for himself in order to dress himself up as a "God and Buddha". He was originally born on July 7, 1952. In September 1994, he changed his birthday to May 13, 1951. This day is the eighth day of the fourth lunar month in the Chinese lunar calendar, and it is the birthday of Sakyamuni recorded in Buddhist scriptures. The purpose of this falsification is self-evident; secondly, Li Hongzhi made up a set of false experiences of "obtaining the Fa at a young age". He claimed that he "cultivated to perfection at the age of 8", "obtained the Tao" from the "Baji Zhenren" at the age of 12, "obtained the Tao" from the "Zhendaozi" at the age of 21, and accepted the "Buddhist Master" at the age of 23. "Dafa". This "miraculous" false experience painted Li Hongzhi's face with a layer of "God-given Dafa" paint.I want to explain to people that his "birth" is extraordinary; thirdly, Li Hongzhi, like all bad speculators with low cultural level in the transitional period of society, has a gambler's mentality who dares to make falsehoods and brag about himself illogically. His logic is to "speak big." He was blunt to his disciples and said: "No one will believe you if you don't say something big." The meaning of this statement is very clear. If you don't have the courage to tell lies and fabricate facts, you can't deceive the masses. In the early days of founding "Falun Gong", Li Hongzhi, like an actor on stage, used drama costumes and art props to shoot "Fa portraits", and learned the movements of the traditional exercises "Xiangmi Gong" and "Jiugong Bagua Gong". Some dance moves were added to form "Falun Gong". He boasted that "Falun Gong" is the only Dafa he has practiced for many years, and he spread it to the world after "the master confirmed and approved it to be promoted". "Falun Gong" was launched in 1992 in Jilin, Northeast China, North China and other places based on these deceptions, and spread widely.

In the end, Li Hongzhi's tricks are concentrated on one point, which is to promote himself and deify himself by means of self-boasting or in the name of the Falun Gong organization. A promotional material compiled by the "Falungong Science Research Association" boasted that Li Hongzhi "acquired the superior Dafa at the age of 8, possessed great supernatural powers, and has functions such as carrying, fixing objects, thinking control, and invisibility... the power has reached an extremely high level, and he has understood the truth of the universe. , gain insights into life, and predict the past and future of mankind.” Is Li Hongzhi really so powerful? Just listen to what he himself said to his brother Yu early on. His disciples asked him to demonstrate the so-called "four major functions". He was very embarrassed and said: "No, how can I perform it? You want me to perform it, just to make a fool of myself." This sentence revealed Li Hongzhi's secret. It is precisely through the above-mentioned methods of deceiving and deceiving the masses that Falun Gong has opened a way for itself to spread and develop everywhere.

After Falun Gong has been developed and spread on a large scale, Li Hongzhi and his Falun Gong have adopted more skillful deception techniques and methods of deceiving the masses. These techniques are regarded as the "organizing principles" and "guiding ideology" of Falun Gong. First, Li Hongzhi pretended to be a prophet after completely deified himself by deception, and used the most dictatorial method used by autocratic emperors in Chinese history to control the entire Falun Gong organization. In the Falun Gong organization, he pointed out that he can only trust himself and not others; people who practice Falun Gong cannot practice other exercises. Only he has the final say. He often issued notices, announcements and "scriptures" with a prophetic tone and imperial posture, demanding the absolute obedience of the entire Falun Gong organization. This tone and gesture deterred many ignorant, weak-willed and low-psychological believers in the Falun Gong organization, and formed an absolute authority based on deception within the Falun Gong organization.


Second, Li Hongzhi pretended to be merciful and sympathetic as if he wanted to "deliver all sentient beings". Taking advantage of the inevitable process of the gradual improvement of the social security system reform in our country's social transformation period, he seized on social hot issues and made a big fuss. He proposed the so-called " Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" moral preaching, it seems that he is the only compassionate "Great Bodhisattva" who cares most about the common people. In fact, Li Hongzhi used Falun Gong to organize training classes to collect "tuition fees", publish books, audio tapes, and video tapes, sell "Fa images", badges, exercise clothes, exercise mats, etc. to believers, and created an outside state within the Falun Gong organization. The economic market of the tax system, amassing wealth. Many sincere bodybuilders and devout Falun Gong believers have contributed a lot of wealth to Li Hongzhi without knowing it by buying these things. Li Hongzhi also took advantage of the piety of believers to defraud a lot of "donations". He used the money to buy several real estate properties in Changchun and Beijing, and owned several cars. Some "upper figures" in the Falun Gong organization also made a fortune with Li Hongzhi. These facts fully paint the picture of Li Hongzhi's hypocrisy.

Thirdly, Li Hongzhi created all kinds of contradictory fallacies under the cover of the smog of enticing his feelings, pleasing both sides and pulling people all over the place. For him, there is no such thing as "true". For example, on the one hand, he talked about "the great landslide of human beings, the world is going downhill, and people are getting into the eyes of money", winking at the cash-strapped to win their favor and approval; but on the other hand, he claimed that Oppose "egalitarianism" and support the rich. He pleases both sides. Both the rich and the poor are flattering, confusing many people. He also took advantage of the reform of the medical system to "send" hope to the poor under the guise that as long as they believe in Falun Gong, they can keep fit without taking medicine. "Gospel". This method of deceiving two sides is the worst way of deception, which fully exposes the hypocritical nature of Li Hongzhi's "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance".

All the above facts show that the development of Falun Gong to such a scale and extent today has a lot to do with Li Hongzhi's good use of deception for speculation. However, even though our nation is in a transitional period of great social change, and even though the nation's ideological, cultural and psychological qualities need to be further improved (some temporary shortcomings in this area have become an opportunity for Li Hongzhi), however, no matter what How deceitful. It is also impossible to deceive our great nation with a rational tradition for long. As long as the sunshine of "seeking truth from facts" illuminates the hearts of the public, the true colors of Li Hongzhi and his organization will be vividly presented in front of people. The stone you raise is bound to hit your own feet.